Winterpelz / cabinet

This ›winter coat‹ is a multifunctional piece of furniture in the best sense of the word. But not insofar as this chest of drawers can be changed into something entirely different by a few well-practiced moves; rather, because the lining itself allows for an additional use. This lining consists of typical carpet material, i.e. 100 % virgin wool. This material allows you – indeed, invites you – to lean on the chest. This may sound unconventional at first; however, if you consider that many people like to get comfortable and stretch out on the carpet, but that this getting comfortable usually is limited to lying down, the offer to lean onto something will be quite appreciated. The fact that the drawers can be fully drawn out by these wool threads speaks even more in favor of using this material.
Text by Prof. Volker Albus


Year: 2007
Material: wood, 100% new wool
Photography by Michael Anhalt