A Piece of Space

A vitrine showcases objects and in the same time prevents them from unauthorized access. Thus, it combines two main aspects of the usage of space: showing and hiding, the private and the public. These contrasts have been the starting point of our many considerations concerning space: storage space, the arrangement of volumes, borders and intersections that take place both in public in private space. A Piece of Space takes a stand in space on four legs. Its basic structure consisting only of edges is borrowed from a vitrine but it creates an open volume that can be used in several individual ways. To do so we offer several boards that can take different functions depending of their materiality (such as wood, glass, mirror, cork or magnetic) or posititon within the frame structure. For example, a glass board can be a sliding door or a window when inserted vertically and when introduced horizontally it can be used as a shelf. Additionally the structure turns out to be very extremely receptive for particularly designed components such as table segments, letter cases, drawers, architecural elements or adjustable lamps which reconfigure the piece of space towards a lampshade. The changing configuration melts together space, furniture and objects and illustrates the agglomeration of both the everyday and the remarkable, the memory and the actual usage in a three-dimensional collage.

A cooperation with Katrin Sonnleitner

Year: 2010
Material: wood, glass, leather, textile