Frankfurter Mélange #1

It’s all in the mix – as the chair series ›Frankfurter Mélange‹ by designer Silvia Knüppel demonstrates. Knüppel creates a fluid dialogue between Stoelcker’s ›Frankfurt Chair‹ – a classic design piece from the early 20th century and still a popular choice today – and other classic examples of wooden chair design, such as Carl Malmsten’s spoke-back ›Lilla Aland‹. Both chairs merge and blend, overlapping as two adjacent wholes, but ultimately creating an interlaced unit of two different designs that recounts a piece of design history in poetic form while achieving its own unique aesthetic. The hand-crafted assemblies of classic chairs becomes witnesses to history, with the Frankfurt Chair featured as a constant throughout the series, other further fusions are in the making.

Year: 2011
Material: two original chairs (Frankfurter Küchenstuhl & Lillå Åland Chair) lacquered