Pure Gold. Upcycled! Upgraded! The Secretariat Yangon, Myanmar

Pure Gold. Upcycled! Upgraded! The Secretariat, Yangon at The Secretariat Yangon, Myanmar.

16.12.2018 – 06.01.2019

The chairs >Frankfurter Mélange #2 & #3<  made of two orginal vintage chairs, are part of the exhibition >Pure Gold. Upcycled! Upgraded!< of the ifa
(Insitut für Auslandsbeziehungen).

Bulky trash, waste, cheap materials: pure gold! At least in the eyes of many active designers. “Pure Gold – Upcycled! Upgraded!” explores the subject of rubbish and presents approaches to using existing trash to create valuable products.

The international exhibition project presents 76 objects by 53 designers, selected by 7 international curators, and will be expanded by inviting local designers to their works at every venue of the tour. The exhibition, conceived by Volker Albus, introduces a new global generation of ecologically and ethically sustainable designers and brings together multi-perspective solutions for a serious global problem of the present: waste and its processing.

The littering of the oceans and their consequences for the ecosystem have long been brought to our consciousness. We regularly get pictures of giant dumps in underserved regions of the planet – but the everyday handling of what we commonly call waste is changing only slowly. The theme of the exhibition, “Upcycling” – the reuse of already processed material as a raw material for new and higher-quality objects – sharpens the view for alternative production techniques and draws attention to contemporary European and non-European design developments. The designs use seemingly inferior raw materials, unconventionally combine diverse objects or creatively process unwanted by-products.