Refugium State of Design exhibition in Berlin

Studio Silvia Knüppel is happy to show the work ›Frankfurter Mélange #1‹ at the Refugium State of Design exhibition in Berlin.

Three years after the very succesful first ‘Refugium – Berlin as a Design Principle’ exhibition at the former Tempelhof Airport in Berlin, state of DESIGN, BERLIN, 2016 will organize a second edition, ‘Refugium – Nieuwe German Gestaltung’.

Refugium will again offer a limited number of German designers and producers the opportunity to show their most recent work. But while the first edition was just meant as a bouquet of flowers to the outside world, this platform is far more ambitious.

Refugium will be shown at three different locations: KAOS (main exhibition), HTW and Galerie erstererster.

Mit Arbeiten von:
Jakob Timpe, Peter Schäfer, YBDD, hettler.tüllmann, Silvia Knüppel, Sanghyeok Lee, Pascal Howe

ErsterErster Galerie Berlin
Pappelallee 69
10437 Berlin

Mittwoch den 4. Mai – Donnerstag den 12. Mai
Täglich von 16 – 22 Uhr
Finissage am Donnerstag den 12. Mai