new Book ›Almost Secret‹

Great new book by Beppe Finessi ›Almost SecretWinterpelz chest of drawers‹.

Published by corraini
ISBN: 978-88-7570-584-8

To mark the exhibition “Almost Secret,” Inventario and the Museo Poldi Pezzoli present a new reflection on an issue that, over time, has raised the interest of the creative worlds of art, design and architecture: the drawer. The book published to accompany the exhibition is therefore a collection of projects on the theme of drawers and chests of drawers, important elements in the history of furniture, functional containers, capable of collecting, containing, sorting and hiding, but also able to rekindle memories and nourish thinking.

Among the pages of Almost Secret, there are works of art and design objects around the theme of the drawer, the subject of ongoing experimentation on the part of grand masters as well as new protagonists of design and visual arts. Essays by Beppe Finessi, Annalisa Zanni, Stefano Salis and Francesco M. Cataluccio tackle the research object, which are illustrated in the book with over 140 images of significant works, from Shiro Kuramata to Ettore Sottsass, from Alessandro Mendini to Raw Edges, and from Los Carpinteros to Salvador Dalí.