New Talents. Stand der Dinge. State of the Art

By Hansjerg- Maier-Aichen

Talents from Europe, USA and Asia show new values in design culture: radical, provoking, trendsetting
Contributions by Volker Albus and Max Borka

“Against the background of the growing mediocrity of worldwide industrial production young designers with impressive potential are coming of age who stand outside the commercial trend of endless product variations and adaptations. They are fathoming new limits of the feasible and developing border-crossing ideas whose focal points are less in their formal quality but rather in the fundamental question about added cultural value, innovation, otherness and authenticity.
The book presents these seekers of design with many pictures and explanatory articles: their cooperation with scientists, their anthropological and ecological reflections, their concern with art and with their own radical positions.”

AV Edition
ISBN-13: 978-3899861105